I had a pleasure to perform on many stages small and big ones, delivering lectures and trainings to thousands of people.

Shared the stage with general Roman Polko, Jakub B. Bączek, Mateusz Grzesiak, prof. Robert Cialdini, Jacek Walkiewicz, Marek Skała, Robert Krool, Dariusz Milczarek, Łukasz Jakóbiak, Grzegorz Turniak,   Adela Warac, Tomasz Kamel

Enjoy the reportages from some of them:)

Have a look at video reportages:

  • Building Effective Teams


  • Jacek Chmielecki Information 
  • Feedback from MBA students after workshop
  • JC at Wolf Summit – Startup Conference
  • Inspirational Festival in Opole 2016